5 Best Senior Horse Feeds for Optimal Equine Health

Best Senior Horse Feeds

As a longtime horse owner and professional horse nutritionist, I can tell you that geriatric care for horses is an intense yet rewarding journey. And, one of the crucial factors facilitating a comfortable and stress-free life for senior horses is the appropriate feed. Senior horse feed is a specialized category of horse nutrition, carefully designed to meet the changing needs of an aging horse. Unlike regular horse feed, senior horse feed tends to be easily digestible, high in fiber, and contain a controlled amount of simple carbohydrates to maintain healthy body weight and provide adequate energy levels without putting stress on their digestive system.

Not all horse feeds are created equal though. I’ve always been partial to extruded horse feeds, as have my own senior horses. The extrusion process, which involves cooking the feed at high temperatures, not only makes the feed more digestible, but it also helps to improve the bioavailability of the nutrients, making them easier for a senior horse’s system to absorb. You see, just last month, I observed my horses showing improved energy levels and better maintained body weight after I swapped their regular pellets with an extruded feed variety. It’s moments such as these that remind me of how significant a role the right nutrition plays in our beloved horses’ overall wellness.

Our Top Picks: Best Senior Horse Feed

triple crown senior active plus
Editor's Choice

Triple Crown Senior Active+

Triple Crown Senior Active+ is a specially formulated feed developed for the nutritional needs of active, older horses. With a protein content of 14%, fat at 12%, and fiber at 16%, this feed offers a balanced nutritional profile. It boasts an extruded form, enhancing its digestibility and making it ideal for performance horses or those under stress. The feed’s unique composition also provides gastric buffering. For horses with chewing or swallowing difficulties, this feed can be conveniently mixed with water to form a mash.

My Experience:
Upon receiving the Triple Crown Senior Active+, the first thing I noticed was its distinct texture, indicative of its extruded nature. The aroma was fresh, suggesting high-quality ingredients. I introduced this feed to my senior horse, who has been active throughout his life. He took an immediate liking to it. Over a few weeks, I observed that his energy levels remained consistent, and his coat had an added shine. The option to make it into a mash came in handy on days he seemed less inclined to chew, ensuring he didn’t miss out on his nutrition.

This feed truly stands out in catering to the unique needs of senior active horses. The attention to detail in its formulation, from the essential vitamins and minerals to the inclusion of beneficial microbials, makes it a top choice for horse owners who want the best for their aging equine companions.
blue seal sentinel senior horse feed
Best Value

Blue Seal Sentinel Senior

Blue Seal Sentinel Senior Horse Feed is a nutrient release formula specifically designed for senior horses, those with poor teeth, and horses that are aging prematurely. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by older horses, this feed offers a highly fortified balance of nutrients combined with an exclusive blend of natural additives. This addresses the increased nutritional demands of senior horses, especially given their less efficient digestive and metabolic systems. The feed’s extruded nature ensures that it’s easily digestible, making it perfect for optimal nutrition utilization.

My Experience:
Upon introducing the Blue Seal Sentinel Senior Horse Feed to my horse, I was immediately impressed by its texture and consistency. The extruded form was evident, and the feed emitted a fresh, wholesome aroma. My horse, being on the older side, took to it quite well. Over time, I noticed a marked improvement in his energy levels and overall vitality. The feed’s ability to be easily digested was evident in his consistent and healthy bowel movements. The inclusion of ingredients like soybean hulls, beet pulp, and alfalfa meal seemed to resonate well with him, providing the necessary fiber and nutrients. 

Read our full review of Sentinel Senior Horse Feed.

Blue Seal Sentinel Senior Horse Feed stands out as a top-tier choice for senior horses. Its comprehensive formulation, combined with the benefits of extrusion, ensures that older horses receive the nutrition they need in a form that’s easy for them to digest. Whether you have a senior horse with dental issues or one that’s aging prematurely, this feed is worth considering for its myriad of health benefits.
Bluebonnet Intensify Senior Therapy Horse Feed
Best Pelleted Senior Horse Feed

Bluebonnet Intensify Senior Therapy

Bluebonnet Feeds Intensify Senior Therapy horse feed is expertly crafted to meet the unique nutritional needs of senior horses. This premium feed offers a balanced blend of essential nutrients, high-quality proteins, and fats, designed to support optimal digestion, maintain healthy weight, and promote a lustrous coat. Enriched with vitamins and minerals to enhance joint health and immune function, it’s an ideal choice for ensuring your aging equine companion remains vibrant and healthy.

My Experience:
Intensify Senior Therapy has been a game-changer for my senior horse. Since incorporating it into his diet, I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in his energy levels and overall well-being. His coat is shinier, he’s more active, and his digestive health has significantly improved. What truly sets this feed apart is how well it caters to the needs of older horses, providing them with the nutrition they need to thrive. I highly recommend Intensify Senior Therapy to any horse owner looking to support their senior horse’s health and vitality.

Bluebonnet Intensify Senior Therapy Full Review


Bluebonnet Feeds stands at the forefront of equine nutrition, dedicating itself to producing high-quality feeds that cater to the specific needs of horses across all life stages. With a commitment to research and innovation, Bluebonnet Feeds utilizes the latest scientific advancements to formulate feeds that ensure optimal health, performance, and longevity for horses. Their product range, including the Intensify Senior Therapy horse feed, is testament to their mission of providing superior nutrition solutions that support the well-being and peak condition of equine athletes and companions alike.

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Best Maintenance Senior Horse Feed

Nutrena SafeChoice Senior

Nutrena SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed is specifically formulated to cater to the nutritional needs of older horses and hard keepers. It’s a controlled starch formula that’s nutritionally balanced to support topline health, muscle development, and overall wellness with high fat, balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid levels. The feed includes the Nutri-Bloom Advantage® to enhance nutrient absorption and the Digestive Shield™ to promote complete gut and immune health, making it a comprehensive solution for senior equine care.

My Experience:

After introducing Nutrena SafeChoice Senior to my aging companion’s diet, the changes were both visible and impressive. The first thing I noticed was the feed’s pleasant aroma, which seemed to catch the attention of my horse immediately. The texture, a fine balance between pellets and grains, made it easy for him to consume, especially considering the dental issues common in older horses. His reaction was overwhelmingly positive; he eagerly anticipated feeding times, showing a level of enthusiasm I hadn’t seen in a while.

Over the weeks, the benefits became increasingly evident. His coat took on a glossy sheen, a sign of improved health and nutrition. The feed’s high-fat content seemed to give him a much-needed energy boost, making him more active and lively around the pasture. However, it wasn’t all perfect. I noticed a slight increase in his water consumption, which, while not necessarily a bad thing, did require me to monitor his hydration levels more closely to ensure he wasn’t overdrinking.


Nutrena SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed exemplifies Nutrena’s commitment to quality and innovation in equine nutrition. By focusing on the special needs of aging horses, Nutrena offers a product that supports their well-being with a carefully balanced formula, contributing to a healthy, active lifestyle even in their senior years.

5 Best Senior Horse Feeds for Optimal Equine Health - HYGSENIOR 600x
Best Energy Senior Horse Feed

HyGain Senior Horse Feed

HyGain Senior Horse Feed is formulated to cater to the unique needs of senior horses, focusing on easy digestibility, joint support, and maintaining healthy weight. It is a micronized feed, free from soy and oats, which enhances its digestibility and makes it suitable for older horses with specific dietary sensitivities. The inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics aids in digestive health, making it a well-rounded option for senior equine nutrition.

My Experience:

Integrating HyGain Senior Horse Feed into my senior horse’s diet showed noticeable improvements in his overall condition. The feed’s micronized texture was particularly beneficial, as it was easier for him to digest compared to traditional grains. He seemed to enjoy the taste and had no hesitation in finishing his meals. However, the presence of molasses, while making the feed more palatable, required me to monitor his sugar intake closely due to his sensitivity to laminitis. On the whole, the feed delivered on its promises of supporting his health as he aged, making it a valuable addition to his dietary regimen.


HyGain is recognized for its commitment to equine nutrition, offering a range of feeds that cater to horses at different life stages and with various dietary needs. The brand emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients and innovative processing techniques, such as micronization, to enhance the digestibility and nutritional value of their products. With a focus on supporting the health and performance of horses, HyGain has established itself as a trusted name in the equine feed industry, continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of horse owners and their equine partners.

What to Consider When Choosing a Senior Horse Feed

Choosing a Senior horse feed requires careful evaluation of your horse’s specific needs. First and foremost, understand the state of their dental health. Older horses often struggle with worn out or missing teeth, making it hard for them to chew traditional feeds effectively. Once, I noticed my horse dropping feed more often than usual, and suspecting a dental issue, I started incorporating more mashed and pelleted feeds, which were easier for him to consume.

The second but equally important aspect to consider is the calorific value and nutritional profile of the feed. Senior horses typically require feeds that offer high-fiber, low glycemic indices, and an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals. When my horse went through a phase of weight loss, I had to research and find a feed that was high in calories but wouldn’t overload his system with sugars.

Lastly, pay attention to your horse’s individual preference. You could buy the most nutritious, top-of-the-line feed, but if your horse doesn’t like it, it’s no good. My horse, for instance, absolutely loves extruded feeds. It took a few trial and errors before I could find something that was suitable for his palate. Remember, just like us, they too have taste preferences.

Furthermore, always remain cautious about significant changes in their eating patterns, as this could potentially indicate a health issue. Fostering a close relationship with a vet or a horse nutritionist can be quite beneficial in such cases. It’s all a complex, yet rewarding process – adapting to their evolving needs, maintaining their health, and strengthening our bond with these magnificent creatures.

When and Why Should you use Senior Horse Feed

Aging in horses, similar to humans, doesn’t follow a strict calendar. Typically, one might consider switching to senior horse feed when their horse reaches the age of 15-20. However, the necessity for this change can largely depend on the individual health and physiological status of your horse. I, for instance, decided to swap to senior feed a bit earlier with my horse, as he was prematurely showing signs of slowed metabolism and loss of body condition, hallmarks of aging.

Senior horse feed comes into play as our dear equine friends begin to lose their efficiency at digesting and absorbing nutrients. This specially designed feed compensates for these metabolic changes and provides the necessary nutrition that might not be received from regular horse feed. Once I swapped to senior feed, my horse started showing fewer signs of fatigue post his usual strolling and even seemed more content during rest hours, indicating that his body was managing to retain energy better.

Remember, aging also brings along changing dental conditions. If your horse is suffering from tooth loss or other dental issues, you might want to consider transitioning to senior horse feed sooner. The softer and easy-to-chew nature of these feeds can prove to be beneficial. This was certainly the case with my horse, as he began to struggle with chewing his regular feed and needed something less harsh on his gradually weakening teeth.

In essence, using senior horse feed is about adapting to the changing needs of your aging horse. This provides them with a balanced and easily digestible diet, contributing to their overall well-being and ensuring they age gracefully. Remember, every horse is unique and these are merely guidelines. Decisions should always be tailored to the specific needs and conditions of your horse.

Brief History of Senior Horse Feed

Delving into the history of senior horse feed, a distinct evolution is evident – one that mirrors the growing understanding of equine nutrition and physiology. Several decades ago, the concept of nutrition specifically tailored to senior horses was yet to be recognized widely. As equine nutrition science was still in its infancy, horses were typically fed a ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet, which failed to consider the changing nutritional requirements of a horse as it aged. This was a stark contrast from the specialized feeds we see today, and it’s fascinating to note how these developments have played a role in enhancing the lives of our precious equine friends.

The journey of senior horse feed began in earnest during the 1980s when the first attempt was made to formulate a feed specifically for older horses. The increasing realization that longevity in horses was being impacted by inadequate nutrition standards led to advancements in the creation of tailored feeds. It was during this era that I first adopted my horse, and realizing the limited options available, it also marked my entry into equine nutrition, a journey that has lasted for decades.

Moving into the 1990s and beyond, there was a significant surge in research and development in equine nutrition. Comprehensive studies were conducted on the metabolic changes associated with aging horses, their ability to digest and absorb nutrients, and the impact of dental health, all of which have been instrumental in developing modern senior horse feeds.

From the start of my journey to the present time, I have been a keen observer and participant in the evolution of senior horse feed. From one-size-fits-all to targeted nutrition profiles, there has been significant progress. And while there’s still plenty of room for improvements and innovations, taking a look back at how far we’ve come is a testament to the vested interest in maintaining the health and vitality of our aging four-legged companions. The importance of senior horse feeds and the role they play in the golden years of a horse’s life cannot be understated.

Pros and Cons of Senior Horse Feed

Senior horse feeds are known for their innumerable benefits, particularly addressing the specific needs of aging equine companions. However, they do come with their own set of drawbacks that horse owners should be aware of:

Pros of Senior Horse Feed:

  • Adapted to Senior Needs: Senior feeds are high in fiber and low in simple sugars, which helps older horses maintain a healthy weight and energy level without straining their metabolism. I’ve seen a striking improvement in my horse’s energy levels since switching him to senior feed.
  • Easily Digestible: The composition of senior feed is designed for easy digestion, which is paramount considering that older horses often struggle with digestion issues. This was an essential factor for my horse, who started having mild digestive issues with age.
  • Dental-Friendly: The mashable and softer nature of senior feeds does wonders for horses with dental issues. This feature has been particularly beneficial for my horse, making it easier for him to chew and swallow the feed.

Cons of Senior Horse Feed:

  • Price: Senior horse feeds, especially high-quality ones, can be more expensive than regular feeds. As horse owners know, the cost of maintaining our equine friend’s health can sum up, and adding the cost of specialized feed might tighten the financial belt.
  • Not Suitable for All Horses: Not all senior horses will have the same dietary needs. Some might not require the high-fiber content or the minimum sugar content of senior feeds. Much like my horse who prefers extruded feeds, individual taste preferences can affect a horse’s willingness to eat certain feeds.
  • Dependence on Health Status: The effectiveness of senior feed can also heavily depend on the health condition of the horse. For horses with specific medical conditions, a more specialized feed or nutrition plan may be required rather than a standard senior feed formula.

These factors are all important to consider when making your choice. As equestrian caretakers, it’s our responsibility to ensure we’ve done our homework to commonly accepted best options along with unique needs specific to our equine friends. I’ve found that making an informed choice based on my horse’s individual needs has delivered the best results.

Final Thoughts on Senior Horse Feed

Choosing the right feed for your senior horse is an essential part of maintaining their health and longevity. It’s incredible to see how specialized feeds have evolved over the years and the positive impact such progression has on our beloved animals. Yes, there are pros and cons to senior horse feed, as is true with any dietary option, but the crux of the matter remains that these feeds play a critical role in maintaining the wellbeing of older horses.

Remember – each horse is unique, with its tastes, health issues, and nutritional needs. So while there’s a wealth of general advice and guidelines to draw upon when selecting the right senior feed, the best dietary plan will always be one that’s tailored to your horse’s individual requirements. I can’t stress enough how my own experience with my horse has shown me the importance of this individualized approach to diet.

I hope this exploration of senior horse feed has been insightful and helps guide your decision when transitioning your horse into the world of senior feeds. As always – when in doubt, consult with a vet or a professional equine nutritionist.


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