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Complete Horse Guide is your source for all things horse. We take immense pride in being an invaluable source for all things related to equine health, wellbeing, and care. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a curious horse enthusiast, our mission is to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge to ensure the happiness and wellness of your beloved equine companions.

We are more than just enthusiasts; we are horse lovers, trainers, and professionals dedicated to the welfare of these magnificent creatures. Our team of experienced equestrians brings a wealth of expertise to the table, backed by years of practical experience and education in equine sciences. As avid riders and caretakers, we understand the unique bond between humans and horses, and our passion drives us to deliver the highest quality content.

Complete Horse Guide takes great pride in offering our readers unbiased and thoughtful product reviews to help them make informed decisions for their equine partners. Our product recommendations are meticulously curated through a rigorous process, ensuring that every item featured is genuinely beneficial for horse owners and enthusiasts.

Our dedicated team of equestrian experts invests substantial time and effort in researching, testing, and analyzing a wide range of products before presenting them to you. From horse tack and grooming essentials to supplements and equipment, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that only the finest and most reliable options make it to our recommendations.

Transparency and authenticity are at the core of our review process. We do not endorse products solely based on financial incentives or sponsorships. Instead, our focus is on the product’s quality, safety, and effectiveness. Each review is written with the utmost care, providing comprehensive details and real-life experiences to assist you in making the best choice for your horse’s needs.

Explore our product reviews section now, and embark on a journey of discovering products that will truly make a positive difference in your horse’s life.

Our team

Horse Care and Training Professionals and Enthusiasts

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Blake Gray

Horse Trainer

Blake is a third-generation horse lover, trainer, and all around expert. With a rich family legacy in the equestrian world, Blake’s passion for horses was ingrained from an early age. His father and grandfather were renowned in the cutting horse industry, winning the prestigious NCHA futurity multiple times. With a profound commitment to the well-being and excellence of horses, Blake continues to carry on his family’s tradition, sharing his knowledge and skills to foster strong bonds between riders and their equine companions.

About Complete Horse Guide - Willow Rae

Willow Rae

Horse Enthusiast

Willow’s journey began in a small farming community in Missouri, where she developed a deep connection with animals, especially horses. Over the years, Willow has honed her expertise in horse care through hands-on experience and dedication to understanding the intricacies of equine health. She has spent countless hours studying equine nutrition, exercise, and behavior, all in pursuit of providing the best care possible for these beloved animals.

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