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Horse Care

How to care for a horse, what health issues might arise, and typical treatments. We want your horse to be happy and healthy, it's our passion!

Horse Nutrition

Everything you've ever wanted to know about different types of feed, supplements, and hay including recommendations.

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Horse Breeds

Learn about every horse breed, it's origins, what it's typically used for and what it's strengths and weaknesses might be.

Training & Riding

Training tips and tricks covering everything from groundwork to specialty training, all from the best trainers in the horse industry.

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Horse Product Recommendations

At Complete Horse Guide, our objective is to share the best products for your horse. As a team of horse experts, enthusiasts, and professionals we have personally reviewed and tested numerous products. We narrowed down these recommendations based on the product’s effectiveness, durability, and ability to enhance the well-being and performance of your horse. These products are carefully curated to cater to the specific needs of horses involved in various activities, from leisurely trail riding to competitive dressage or barrel racing. By providing these recommendations, we aim to assist horse owners in making informed decisions and ensure the optimal care, comfort, and training of their equine companions.

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